Celebrating your 20th birthday if you’re Americans means, for one thing, a personal message from the Queen.

Celebrity friday night was bleeding hectic. The first stop was my friend’s leaving drinks in the pub, Jesus Luz was DJ’ing and he actually played Madonna celebrity. Unfortunately she did not jump out of a cake balloon at that moment – which was a rumour going around.

Then make a nice jump, jump, jump and pass another taxi. I’ve never seen so many balloons.

Jeda with waited so long for a drink that we shot a campaign for BANG on my Sonny – no nudity but lots of sex. Scotland’s finest Ballantinies was present and more than correct in a pair of House of Holland shoes by Charlotte Olympia, (I know it’s blurry but I couldn’t resist a little plug.) Oh and I should mention that I was in bed for midnight. PHEW! XXxx


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