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Autumn is here!

In the calendar, September… Seasonal Fall… Suddenly the clouds increase while the days of summer are living, this season comes with the smell of soil.

The autumn season is described as a bit of longing, a little tear, and a bit of unfinished. If the season is autumn, the best summer days are over and we have a long winter ahead. Perhaps this is why the autumn season contains a little bittersweet emotion, as it symbolizes farewell to the warm, warm days.

  • ”Every moment of the past leaves behind a forgetfulness and a memory. So, does it not keep the memories of the dried flowers in autumn? ”

In fact, the season of being halfway, loneliness is considered to be fall… Actually, it is important where we look from:

A season that you see as spring may be autumn in the eyes of others.

It is important where we meet autumn. If it is welcomed by the sounds of the bird and the smell of the earth at a seaside where the sky meets the ground, it will turn into a season of joy rather than sorrow.

  • Maybe the rains are the reason why we become pessimistic:

Autumn is a kind of sad season.

Autumn symbolizes the end of something old before a new beginning. So instead of turning into a more melancholy mood in the fall season, make preparations for what you will do in the future. Draw the plan of your life… Let your rains wash away your worries and fears and you just fill your heart with good hopes. autumn

  • With this sadness, she calls out to her loved one:

Do not go, I am autumn, no later any …

Autumn is a wonderful time to get rid of the ancients and innovate our lives. Review your life and it is a great time for you to get rid of everything that prevents you from advancing in your life, which is why we are saddened, which does not give you the necessary value again. Remember, not every farewell contains sadness, some farewells are necessary for more beautiful beginnings.

Let the autumn rains wash everything that pollutes your life. Enjoy once again the sun’s weakened rays in the fall before the harsh winter days, once again be in touch with the autumn landscapes before it gets cold in the air. Wander the streets, enjoy the moment … Look carefully at the once lush leaves.

Autumn flowers are fallen leaves.

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