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With the arrival of spring, your skin needs to be renewed. It’s time to erase the traces of factors that change your skin such as the sun, pool and sea you are exposed to in the summer!

At the same time, you should prepare your skin for changing weather conditions with a brand new season and be protected against skin defects with signs of aging.

Here are the beauty secrets that you can renew your skin towards spring.

Peeling is a Must!

Peeling is essential to renew the skin! Dirt layer and dead skin layer are formed due to the factors exposed to the skin tissue over time. Peeling gives the opportunity to regenerate these dead and dirt layers by removing the skin. As you can use cosmetic products, do not forget to add to the care routine as it has to peel feature in natural masks such as brown sugar – honey mixture!

Natural Skin Regenerating Mask!

Many masks found in nature will help you to regenerate the skin. One of the skin – rejuvenating ingredients is clay! Clay is a strong natural substance that provides renewal feature on the skin texture with the minerals it contains. When choosing clay to make a clay mask, you should take care to choose the most natural.

Nutrition Routine for Your Skin!

While a nutrition program rich in vitamins and minerals will help renew the skin, it will also be protective against external conditions. Drinking plenty of water will speed up the regeneration process of your skin while removing toxins in the body and also increase the humidity.

Protect your Skin Against Wind!

At the door in windy weather with autumn! The wind is one of the harmful weather conditions for your skin as it dries the skin and provides moisture loss. You should extra moisturize your skin and add protective skincare products to your care routine, especially during seasonal transitions. Do not forget to protect your skin from the effects of the sun, which is hidden by using SPF face creams in autumn!

Protect your Skin Against the Sun!

Experts warn. Regardless of the skin type, you should definitely use a sunscreen against the harmful factors of the sun.

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