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Relieve your body’s thirst

  • Dermatologists say dryness is more pronounced because there are less sebaceous glands in the arms and legs. Other parts of your body need at least as much moisture as your face.
  • Doctors emphasize that the shower should be taken with warm water. Especially in the summer, it is useful to stay away from long baths, saunas and steam rooms.
  • Choose your shower gel correctly. Choose a creamy product with moisturizing ingredients.
  • It is best to apply moisturizing lotion to the whole body after showering, but if you are worried about it, complete the moisturizing process in the shower. The dry oil that you apply while your body is moist acts the same.
  • Air conditioning is one of your skin’s biggest enemies. Cold air circulation absorbs moisture from the upper layers of your skin. Have a moisturizer in the office to relax your arms and legs.

professional moisture care

  • This application, which contains mesolifting hyaluronic, is one of the most effective methods of replacing the natural support tissue lost by the skin in recent years. In order to give deep moisture, give a healthy natural glow and prevent loss of flexibility, the gel product is injected under the skin surface with very fine needles. It can be applied three or six times a year depending on the condition of the skin, age and environmental factors.
  • IAL – system is another method applied to bring moisture to the skin and increase its elasticity. The effect of injections applied with a very thin needle under the skin begins to manifest itself after about three months. The medical aesthetic doctor from Akatlar Sculpture says that this method is effective to prevent the sun’s dryness and DNA damage.

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