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”From headband to scarf, beaded buckles to hat-sized crowns, colorful hair accessories are the most popular trends in summer. Moreover, they make our work very easy on hot summer days. ”

When you think of summer hair accessory, you should not only think of a beach or barbecue party. This is a trend. To tie a plain ponytail with a colored scarf, fastening the short tufts with buckles with colored stones instead of metal buckles also gives you a stylish look instantly. Accessory, even if your hair is free or wavy.

In a special invitation that you will attend at night, choose more suitable accessories for the summer instead of diamond buckles. As with the example of Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana, a flashy accessory can make a simple button very cool for the night. Have a stone clasp or headband in your office drawer for an after-work dinner. Gather your hair tightly to the nape, fix it with a spray. Leave the rest to your buckle.


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