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The healthy appearance, natural glow and soft texture of your skin are directly proportional to how moist it is. Heed these suggestions to give your body moisture from head to toe and keep it for a long time.

During the summer, warm weather touching your skin, dry winds, the shower has taken twice a day, air-conditioned environments, frequent aircraft travel and of course the sun is the most important factor in decreasing the moisture level of your skin. In a moisture-free body, problems may arise, with the end to serious diseases. Even if dermatologists have no apparent problems, there are two ways to maintain the existing moisture balance and prevent damage caused by external factors. The first is to saturate deep tissues with water, that is, to drink plenty of water and to consume foods containing water. The other is to moisturize the skin with suitable cosmetics.

Imprisoned moisture to the skin

  • The surface must be smooth for the skin to absorb the moisturizer. Apply a peeling that is not hard but cleans the dead cells.
  • The importance of choosing the product suitable for the skin type: Dry skin should prefer creams with high-fat content and low-water creams with high-fat content.
  • It is recommended to apply your moisturizer at least 20-30 minutes before going out.
  • Do not dry immediately after washing your face, apply your moisturizer while it is still slightly damp after it dries on its own. Thus, the cream penetrates your skin better.
  • Moisture masks, which you can make once or twice a week, also help your skin retain moisture.

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