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Three months later…

Ipod Song selection: “The Wind Under My Wings.”

This was the case for me. I was going to become a crazy woman who was knocking on the streets and turned to kids: bastards, look at enjoying life! One day, someone will break your heart and then you will be destroyed! Just like me!”Cian Mathews broke my heart, sitting in a swinging chair in a corner of the nursing home. Cian Mathewws broke my heart. ” I would be an old witch who muttered and tried to calm down the staff there to try to seize.

Because he did it. He broke my heart. I was feeling injured, ruined, finished. This was the case for me. I would never be able to handle this. In fact, if I tried a little bit more, I could get the Most Heartbroken Human Award (a Human Name That Delivered His Soul to the Sake of Love) so Cian could understand how hurt he was. Yes, he could understand. They could have a conversation with me while lying under my duvet and asked, “Tell us, Isobel, when did this disease begin?”

”Cian Mathewws is my first love. It all started when he betrayed me with a tall, long silk-haired woman. I almost died because I thought we would be together until the end of our lives. Because we knew that. When we were together, we knew that all the stones were in place. Some people say to us, “You are very young yet, but you cannot understand this yet, but we can tell them,” No, we are not. We used to answer when people were getting married at the age of sixteen.” We didn’t even care what they thought, because we knew it. But then he went and destroyed everything. My life is shattered. So thank you very much for the reward, but now please go here? I am not used to a lot of social interaction and this makes me angry. Please fill my wine glass before you go? Before I leave, there is Westlife on the CD player, could you please press the play button.”

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