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I started my career in advertising and was very successful. Actually, at a young age like 21, I assumed the management responsibility of the Frito-Lay account, one of the largest accounts of the agency. Feature

My boss at the time thought that I needed some styling – and I was at least fifteen years younger than the clients I was interested in. He thought I needed some polishing; so he sent me to an image consultant named Jack Byrum in Dallas. Jack was a legend advised by many celebrities and executives, including the host of the Tonight Show program, Johnny Carson. Feature

Jack taught me a lot about self-awareness and authenticity. But more importantly, he taught me to constantly think about how I can progress on these fronts. You have to know yourself first, and then what?

Jack taught me a very simple three-to-five exercise to help me take my self-awareness to the next level and focus on where I want to go next. He asked me to write short answers to two very simple questions on a 45 * 75 cm index card.

These questions were:

What am I today?

How can I get better tomorrow?

I still do this exercise every year. Is there a better time to evaluate where you are and where you want to be next year? For example, at the beginning of this last year, I answered these questions as follows:

What am I today?

  • Passionate / Believed – Overwhelming / Scare Others
  • Creative – Stay focused until work is done!
  • Instinctive – Balance process and discipline with facts
  • Results-driven – Inject more urgent vaccines: So what / now what !!!
  • Striving for balance – Spend more time home / keep fit


I will be opening up some parts of this example to give you a better idea of ​​how this might work. First of all, I am a very passionate person by nature, which is a useful feature for a leader. It is good for keeping people motivated and increasing their enthusiasm. But this feature, combined with my positional power and strong beliefs, can sometimes scare others, especially members of my team who do not know me very well. That’s why I have to do everything to ask other people to show up their opinions by asking their opinions and not saying what they have in mind. Feature

I am also a creative-minded person who loves to come up with new ideas. This may seem like a good feature, but it can be extremely dangerous, especially on a day when I can’t find much to do. On such days, some people prefer to have some rest. But I’m not like that. When I leave myself, I can find many more jobs for the organization without finishing the work that is currently being worked on. And this is not a good thing. This means creating an activity instead of action. But since I know this feature, I can work on it. And this year, I am already doing exactly this.

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