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Sleep a report published in February spread to almost the whole world in a short time thanks to social networking sites. The report in the journal BMJ OPEN, which includes a comprehensive study, stated that sedative-hypnotics such as Ambien, Lunesta, Restoril, including sleep medications increase the risk of death three and a half times even if only 18 of them are used annually. While the Internet was shaking with this news, anxious patients had already started ringing doctors’ phones.

It is not surprising that the news is so echoed in public. The more and varied the causes of sleep difficulties called insomnia, the more limited the treatment. Ultimately you are left with a can of medicine. In 2007, the findings of the National Sleep Problems Foundation were that 30 percent of women used medicinal drugs at least several times a week. These pills, which I apply twice a month, have turned into innocent threats that have drawn me into dangerous waters in the light of new information.

It was exactly like this to miss sleep. We hugged the phone and asked the leading experts of the USA, Dr. I called Arthur J. Spielman. He and co-chair of the Sleep Problems Center at Weill Tup College in New York. Like many of his colleagues, Spielman was skeptical of the news of BMJ. He said to be calm: “We are always discussing with my doctor friends. Correlational studies, such as this research, are far from proving the mortality rate. They open the door to further investigation. It should not be overlooked that hypnotic drugs are good for many patients. ”

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