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1. Which do you think is a good kiss?

  • A) Cheek
  • B) Lip to lip
  • C) From lips to lips with small tongue games
  • D) Lots of tongue play, wet

Choose “D” said Mads. “Good,” said Holly. “I hate wet kisses.”

“You don’t like Mads, either,” Lisa said.

“I know,” said Mads, but what comes out when you pick the most disgusting answers? I have to find out what color the love aura of those who like wet kisses is. ”“ It was a little tipsy because of the wine, and it seemed to be a very important issue at once.

Holly marked D. ”Said OK. ” This is an experiment. What is the most disgusting love aura color?

2. Which do you think is a hot date?

  • A) meal that went wrong with the family
  • B) little stroll and a coffee break.
  • C) Playing in the cinema while watching a simple movie
  • D) going to a hotel

“D again,” Mads insisted. “I can see where this business is going.” In his time, he had solved the tests of several magazines. “The oldest answers will be all D.”

“What you want is my command,” said Holly, marking Holly.

Lina, after we’ve finished, can we figure it out again, this time with real answers? asked.

After reading the chic of the second question again, Lina said, “Well, none of this is a hot date, I think.” ” I wanted to go out for dinner. Or going to a good movie, not a bad one. ”

He said, “Let’s move on to the next question.” Mads.

3. What Is Your Favorite Dating Idea?

A) What are you looking at?

B) Hello, what’s your name?

C) You are very nice. What are you planning to do for the rest of your life?

D) Shut up and kiss me!

4 .He poured ketchup on the man’s shirt you went out to dinner with. What would you do?

A) Nothing

B) You will wipe it with your napkin.

C) You lick.

D) You tear off your shirt.

Holly said, “That’s funny now,” and marked D.


If you choose the most option A; Your love aura is in WHITE color. Accept now, you are a monument of virtue.

Immediately close a monastery.

If you choose the most option B; Your aura of love is YELLOW. You are a little too cautious. Give yourself some luck.

If you choose the most option C; Your love aura is BLUE. You are a sexually loving, sexy person, but – mostly – you don’t go too far. Be careful.

If you choose the most option D; Your aura of love is in RED. You are such a slut! You better slow down a little bit. But, perhaps this is better for you.

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