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How do we get better? More beautiful? More succesfull? Well, do our ‘more’ ends? He’s not finished. And now life gives us such a lesson that we throw everything we learn into the trash. A ”real” upset our life, order, and feelings, and we have no choice but to wish the bottom to be more beautiful than the top. Like many of you, we have been at home for a while. This number that you hold is the most special issue we have prepared for us. Because we hold on to tomorrow. Because we are writing the future. Preparing a writing means imagining everything in advance. And this time we were after a dream we never knew. We do not know what will be happening while you are reading these lines… But we are hopeful. Everything we want to be colorful. Let life begin again… And this time it’s not where it left off. From scratch. We are reborn! I think we need to believe this…

Facing very painful truths, all the emotions, fears and everything we could not even admit to ourselves came to the water, which we did not notice, ‘value’, hide and sing. We remembered that we loved ourselves the most. I guess it was the hardest to be unable to touch our loved ones. Now there is no trace of us bored with those crowds… I close my eyes from time to time and when I open, I imagine that everything has passed: We have given head-to-head to fit in the same photo frame with my favorites, then we drink a coffee. Accompanied by laughter from the side table, there is even more beautiful to stop; I took off my shoes and walk on the grass… Good again.

Because it’s good to imagine. Experts say this too. Please do it too. We need it most these days. Do not worry, we will continue to produce if we are dreaming.

Because nothing is as we know it now. Life seems to start again. Our fears, worries, wounds, sleepless nights will pass, and this time we will wake up to another world. Wake up. I guess this should be our word…

‘Take good care of yourself!’ this sentence is so meaningful to me for the first time. While we are ourselves… Read, write, dance, cry when you want to cry, call everybody you want to be there without thinking, or even write to us because we are here too!

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