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I stood breath by the curb to cross across the location of Saints-Prés Street, and I was looking for a flood of flowing cars.

An explanation: a Lexian lady who respects her never crosses white lines when the red light is on. A Lexian woman who respects her sees the flood of the car and reveals herself in the awareness that she is taking a risk.

To die for the showcase of Paul Ka. This is great.

Finally, a voice stops me when I’m going to throw myself right across. I will not say “a warm and masculine voice” to please you, because it was not. It was just a voice:

– Sorry…

I’m turning around. Oh, who’s standing there?… my handsome victim from the previous one. The sooner I tell you, the better it will be, from that moment Baudelaire ate shit. – I was thinking, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?…

“How romantic is my mind…” he says, but: – Isn’t that a little too fast? I answer.

He answers me by settling on the promise and, believe me, he tells the truth: You’re right, it’s a little too fast. But as you walked away, I said to myself behind you: this is so stupid, I meet a woman on the way, I smile at her, and she smiles at me, we rub against each other and we will soon lose each other … It’s not too stupid, it’s ridiculous.

– What are you thinking? Does this look like stupid things to you? – No, no, not at all. I was starting to feel uncomfortable, I … – Yeah? … What are you saying? Here, there, tonight, right now, at nine o’clock, right in this place?

Gather yourself, girl, if you had to go out to dinner with every man you smile, you wouldn’t step out of the restaurants… – Give me one reason to accept your invitation. – One reason… God… how hard…

I look at him amused. And suddenly he is holding my hand. – I think I found a reason that can be considered valid… He rubs my hand against his unshaven cheek. – One reason. Here’s a reason for you: say yes I have a reason to shave… I sincerely say, when I shave, I am much better now. He’s returning my arm to me. – I say yes. – Thank god! Let’s face it together, please, I don’t want to lose you right now, right now. This time, I am watching her go in the other direction, she must be tingling her cheeks like children who have done well. I am sure he is very pleased with his own, not unfair.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the evening. The hunted hunter does not know what to wear. Makeup is necessary. I am a bit nervous like a beginner girl who knows she doesn’t brush her hair well.

I work, answer the phone, send faxes, finish a mock-up for the iconographer (wait, absolutely… a little girl with a lifetime working on the Saint-Germain-des-Prés sides is working in the broadcasting field, absolutely…) The bones on my toes are freezing and I repeat everything I am told to myself. Breathe my daughter, breathe…

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