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I found a new way to keep the ‘love glow’ alive after 1 year of marriage. Some time ago, I went out with another woman, and this was actually my wife’s idea. One day, my wife surprised me, “I know that you love my shoulder,” he said.

I objected appropriately: “But I love you more!” I know, but you also love him. You have to take the time for him. ”

The “other woman” my wife wanted me to visit was my mother who was single for nineteen years. Due to the intensity of my job and the rest of my three children, I could not see my mother much. That evening I invited my mother to dinner and then to the cinema. He was worried and immediately asked, “Are you okay is everything okay?”

My mother was also the type of woman who suspected that a phone call or a surprise invitation late at night would surely have a bad meaning.

“I thought it would be nice for us to spend some time with you,” I replied. ” Just two of us? He thought a little and replied, “I want it very much.”

I was a little nervous when I was firing him on Friday. When I got home, I noticed that Kio was a little nervous because of our appointment. He was waiting in front of his door by wearing his jacket. She did her hair and wore the dress she wore on her last wedding anniversary.

She smiled at me with a face as radiant as the angels. When we get in the car: “I told my friends I was going out with my son and they were really impressed,” he said. “ They can’t wait to hear how our appointment goes. ”

The restaurant we went to was a charming, warm and quality service, although not very stylish. My mother entered my arm with a queen figure. After I sat down, I had to read the menu to him; because he couldn’t see the fine print. While I was in the middle of the menu, I noticed that my mother was looking at me with moist eyes and a nostalgia smile:

“In the past, it was me who read the menus when you were little, you would listen to me with a curious look,” he said. I smiled and said, “Well, now it’s your turn to sit comfortably and I can pay my debt by reading.”

During the meal, our conversation was very nice, nothing extraordinary happened, but we tried to make up for some of the time we lost by talking about the old and the innovations in our lives. We talked so much and had fun that we missed the movie clock.

As I left my mother in the evening, I would like to go out with you again, but only if you let me invite you this time, ” he said, and we decided to meet again one evening.

When I came home, my wife asked how the food went: “It was very nice,” I said. “It was far beyond what I could think.” A few days later my mother suddenly passed away due to a serious heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I had no chance to do anything for him. A few times later, I received a paid two-person food bill and an attached note from the restaurant where we had dinner with my mother:

”My son paid this bill in advance; because I was almost one hundred percent sure that I could not come to the appointment day we compared with you. Still, I arranged a dinner for two; because this time I want you to go with your spouse. You don’t know what our appointment with you meant to me. I love you”.

In the meantime, I understood the importance of saying I love you and allocating the time they deserve to the people we value in life. Nothing in life is more important than your family. Give them the time and attention they have; Because if you postpone such things, you may never find the ‘appropriate time’.

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