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Stress; Sleep exercise and it definitely works

The KDT program in Stanford consists of three components: first, stimulus, that is, stimulus control. The ones mentioned here are getting up at the same time as we always heard, the limitation of sleep. In other words, if a person can spend three of his nine hours of hospitalization by turning left and right and sleeping for only six hours, his time in bed is limited to six hours. The third component aims to relax the mind instead of trying to sleep by forcing himself, and instead of trying to sleep by forcing himself to sleep, he aims to relax his mind and make him sleep by himself. One of the most important relaxation techniques is conscious meditation. Siebern explains this method as follows:

” Conscious meditation teaches you to accept and embrace them instead of trying to get the stress element events of the day away from your mind. ” Although embracing stress seems to be most impulsive, most of the patients who participated in the CST sessions started to get results in four or six sessions.

A more radical method is intensive sleep training, which is currently being talked about a lot in the scientific world. Dr. Spielman gives information about this training: ” The subjects are kept in the sleep laboratory for 25 hours, depending on a machine that controls brain activities. Even those who are most intensely affected by insomnia fall asleep at some point within 25 hours. The subject is awakened three minutes after sleeping. The aim here is for patients to learn to quickly fall back to sleep, to realize that this is possible. It is a kind of sleep exercise and it definitely works. ”

Of course, it is not necessary to be jailed in laboratories for drug-free treatment. Many experts believe that changes in lifestyle; for example, quitting about quitting smoking, exercising 150 minutes a week and balanced nutrition works. Dr. Boston Medical Center, director of the Nutrition and weight control program. According to Caroline M. Apovian, it is absolutely possible to overcome insomnia with the right food. The study investigating the links between food and sleep The results are so striking that they have included the method of feeding into the country’s leading sleep centers programs.

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