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Two months later… iPod song selection: ”Everyone Hurts”

I had decided that Cian, lying with this cliché girl, ruined my life. Both forever. I stepped out of my trump card which surrounded me for a long time. Indeed I was indeed very peaceful and I was not planning to go out in the near future. We had a new contract with Westlife, Ireland’s most popular group. I have always admired these kids, but now … Now there was a tight bond between us.

I told my boss I had meningitis. (Before I go to work, I have to look at the lands of this disease so that I can adapt the horrors I have experienced to it.) Because they don’t want to allow anyone who says they have a broken heart syndrome. But why for God’s sake? I have never had a serious illness in my life. When I got an allergy that covered my entire body when I was eleven years old, my mother applied me itch and wrapped me in aluminum foil for a week. The broken heart syndrome I had was even worse than this.

Keelin and Susie were constantly asking if I was okay and they were leaving various donuts in front of my door.

Why didn’t they understand that the only food I needed was wine and cornflakes during this time when everything in my life was reversed? Cian lifted and threw me for this long and long silk hair girl.

My God! Only Westlife could understand me right now.

But if I put all my pillows around me, I could sit with support from them and drink my wine, but my head was still in my duvet.

What else could I ask for? Is it fun? No, I didn’t want that anymore. After the girls got me out last week… You got into a bar and the people there said, “Oh my God, look at this! Isn’t that crazy on Facebook?”

Yes true. Here is my collapse moment! The pictures taken with the camera phone were uploaded to the internet and put on Facebook.

Hello, heartbreak! Hello, humiliation days! Goodbye, respectability! Goodbye, life!

It was officially announced. There used to be racial discrimination, now social exclusion.

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