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I ask you to suggest a diet to try Apovian. It started by listing the basic rules. For one thing, the meal would never be skipped. ” Being hungry is a low-dose source of chronic stress. ” Said. The use of energy drinks or herbal preparations was strictly prohibited. In addition, water consumption was absolutely crucial. ” When the body is dehydrated, it tries to keep the water balance secreted by secreting hormones. Antidiuretic hormones like aldosterone can deprive you of sleep.”

The meal plan he recommends contains plenty of vegetables, legumes and grains to allow the insulin to slowly increase in the body. Insulin is the hormone that helps trytophan amino acid reach the brain. (Tryptophan causes serotonin to be secreted. This neurotransmitter causes sleepiness.) Apovian recommends eating heavy protein foods (chicken, red meat, eggs) at breakfast or lunch, as these foods taken at night can cause sleep, as they force metabolism.

People who use the most common sleeping drugs fall asleep just 12 minutes longer than those who were given a placebo (ineffective drug) and slept no more than 11 minutes.

For two weeks, I would have had a toast breakfast menu made from egg white, pamphlet, strawberry-like fruits and whole-grain bread. Salad, grilled chicken and fruit for lunch, farro, low-energy natural wheat flour for dinner, vegetables, a small piece of fish. Salt is a food that should be avoided especially at dinner because it increases heart rate and blood pressure. It is not suitable for evenings in acidic foods such as tomatoes. Unfortunately, the tiny ice-cream sandwich that I ate at night was forbidden. Doctor Apovian, ” Sugar makes his heart run like crazy. You probably don’t want to go to bed like an insulin bomb, ” he said.

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