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What Is Your Greatest Objective?

The biggest thing you’re working on should be a tap change. This is not something you can easily accomplish in the next few days, weeks, or even months.

  • What is the biggest thing you can imagine that it will grow your business or change your life?
  • If you manage to achieve your Great Goal, describe the outcome of that you have dreamed of. As you write this result, ask your cat: Do I think big enough? Does this reading give me enthusiasm? Does it excite me a little? Do my colleagues think this is not just an objective, but a Big Objective?
Who should you take with you?

Who is among your target audience? Who are the people you most need to take with you to achieve your tap change objective?

What Perceptions, Habits, or Beliefs Affect This Challenging Task?

What perceptions, habits or beliefs do you need to build in your target audience, or which ones do you need to change or reinforce? These may differ in different individuals or groups.

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