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You have to feel free and bold to create a personal style. Find keywords related to your new style and take action.

Before changing your style, you may want to think about some points. For example, whose style do you like, who inspires you? What are your new colors? What kind of changes do you make in your hair, will you reflect your new style more clearly? With what colors does your skin shine? If you are blonde, you can look at bright colors such as cobalt blue, lemon yellow and coral pink with a catchy eye. If you are auburn and brunette, you can look great in earth tones such as golden, autumn red, and olive green. Colors are important, but that’s not the only point.

Creating a Personal Style

Creating personal style doesn’t just mean going to the mall and buying things that look semi-interesting. For someone who knows himself, change is easy and fun. Bold, interesting, comfortable, assertive, stylish, experimental, colorful… One or more of these adjectives can be used to describe your style. Interesting, fun, colorful, feminine, retro or professional, innovative, open and confident… Maybe you should combine words first and then create great combinations after the result. These words will help you reveal the theme and emotion of your style. Let’s review the other steps to take now.

New Elections

While visiting the stores or examining the collections of brands, it is useful to pay more attention to details. After you set a new line, you are likely to visit the stores that give an idea more often after a while. So you can start with the brand selection. The question to be asked at this point is: Who is the woman targeted by this brand, what is the general definition of women and do I fit this definition?

Habits May Change

Is your classic move after entering a store to go for dresses? How would you like to start by breaking this routine? Maybe you should focus on jeans, stylish and comfortable sneakers instead of those floral dresses. Discovering new brands and new collections is one of the best ways to improve our style. In summary, get ready to experience the excitement of discovering new things!

Going Out of the Mainstream

Some of the accessories are handcrafted by the designers and the uniqueness of some pieces make your style noticeable. Even if your new style is simpler, creative designs emphasize your originality. Follow the designers and don’t think interesting options are out of reach. You can accentuate your new style with your necklaces and earrings, always interesting t-shirts, colorful and fun jackets or stand out shoes.

Buy clothes that you really love and can combine together. When you create many combinations, you will feel more free in your new style. Doing this will not only transform your style, it will also help you balance your spending.

Attention to Posture!

You can dress beautifully, but you may not be so assertive about displaying. According to research, changes in your posture cause you to make a positive difference. Good posture means looking taller, slimmer, healthier and safer. Of course, a healthy glowing skin, regular sleep and smiling should be the most important points that complement your new style.

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