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Just be yourself!

I am sure that you have heard this advice many times before. Yeah, I heard a lot. And I am sure that you have heard the advice that being yourself in business life, as in private life, means being reliable and sincere, and that if you do not have this feature, you will have lost it from the beginning, because no one will follow you.

Find your best self, be yourself, know yourself, improve yourself.

It is interesting that people encounter this wisdom so often. They advise you to be yourself to calm your excitement and eliminate pressure before a job interview or a woman’s first appointment. This means that we have to push hard. Just relax. Be yourself.

It’s easy to say! In reality, being yourself is much more difficult than most people think. Think about it, who knows how many times you have never watched someone, maybe a colleague or someone on TV, or listened to it, and you understand that henchmen

is not sincere. I remember that I was shaking my head as I saw several candidates who had trouble watching the news and displayed their stance several times during the preliminary election period of the 2008 presidential election in the USA. I remember that I watched a news story in Barack Obama‘s election studies, which were left behind in the surveys, trying to get close to the class voters who wear bowling shoes and play bowling. It was a shame to watch her extremely clumsy shots, but not because she was incompetent, but because she was cold in doing so and was not comfortable. But in the next event, he was so comfortable and interested in doing his favorite sport, that is, playing basketball with local voters. This was his game, clearly understood. By the way, his jumping shots were perfect.

At the same time, the press undertook to criticize Hillary Clinton, who drinks whiskey and beer in a bar in Indiana. For example, the Gawker site cynically criticized that Clinton believed that the only way to impress the blue-collar voter was to drink “like male college students” (of course, not to mention which Canadian whiskey he drank). In another incident in New Hampshire, when a voter asked how she kept this pace for days, she responded excitedly: “It is not easy, and if I did not believe that it was the right thing to do, passionately. I see a lot of opportunities in this country and I just don’t want our country to decline.

With these examples, let’s criticize Republican candidate John McCain in order not to appear to be politically biased. McCain was known as an “undisciplined party member” who advocated what he believed and sometimes even bullied his own party. But after he reportedly supported independent senator Joe Lieberman, he lost some confidence when he chose Sarah Palin as a party candidate. His efforts to convince the Americans that Palin was his own choice and that he did not pressure his party from this, did not sound convincing.

The main idea is this: These politicians are incredibly successful people. They also have senior advisors to help them create an image that will impress the public. However, they still blunder when they try to look different than they are. Being yourself is a challenge every day, and whatever its job title is, it’s difficult for everyone.

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