I hate fashion but I also love fashion!

Regardless of who or whatever we are, we all get dressed first thing every morning. Fashion is about how we feel and reflect ourselves every day. This is a deep issue for me! The philosophy that supports the plain yet classy look of the Prada brand is actually hidden in these sentences of Miuccia Prada.

Of course, these ‘deep’ feelings would not prevent Prada, a brand that shines about 70 years after its birth, from settling in popular culture. As we remember yesterday, when Lauren Weisberger’s book “Devil Wears Prada”, published in 2003, was adapted to the cinema under the name “Devil Wears Prada” the Prada brand settled in the popular cultural terminology of the 2000s. The brand is still grateful to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who is probably the subject of the book. After all, the good or the bad is not! In addition to being integrated into the popular culture, Prada continues to be in the top ten with names such as Chanel and Gucci in the list of the most valuable luxury brands.

Already Miuccia Prada’s realization of the innate fashion sense, quickly and aggressively, rescues the brand in both fashions and It is not surprising that only the ‘Prada‘ status book, which is known as ‘Creativity, Modernity, Innovation’, or ‘Prada: Creativity, Modernism and Innovation’, is dedicated to the market, Miuccia. With more than 700 pages, this book goes over the path that the brand’s son recorded in 30 years, with fashion shoots, art and architectural projects. In the 70s, when the brand was on the decline, this road begins with its attention again with bags made from a rain-proof fabric made for sportswear. One of the most striking titles of the book is the advertising campaigns that Prada has realized over the years. The brand’s acclaimed season shots are spotted in each of these fashion shots, including Sasha Pivovarova and Linda Evangelista, which were launched as Prada’s faces, as well as Mary Janes, Kirsten McMenamy, Naomi Campbell, and the color harmony and graceful touch of Prada.. In addition to fashion shots, Prada’s works with famous graphic artists such as Michael Rock, Sung Joong Kim and James Jean are also on the pages of the book.

Prada’s brother Miu Miu – After studying political information, Miuccia Prada, who worked as a mime artist in a theater in Italy, has also perceived the brand Miu Miu (this name is actually her nickname), which she created independently of Prada, as a way of revolting her new lifestyle. Because he is actually to transfer a high intellectual accumulation to a fast-consuming and general-passing industry like fashion. After Miu Miu, founded in 1989, Prada’s boutiques in London, New York and Paris increased the brand’s awareness. In the early 90s, the Miu Miu brand gained strength. Although it is known as a young and colorful reflection of Prada, it has attracted attention with its simple but eye-catching designs.

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