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The other day, I was faced with a question like “Is it your feelings or your mind?” It feels more tempting to use my mind, I think if I use my emotions I will be very sad. Feels Emotions can drag people into a relationship at once, but this is not the case when they act on human logic. Based on myself, if I was acting out of my emotions, I had many lovers by now. I don’t start anything that I can’t see the end of. I ignore my feelings.

What would happen if we include those who want to join our lives? What if we don’t add it?

Isn’t life just about what comes into our lives? The way we invite people outside us inside. life

One should not say welcome to whatever the heart says yes. There would be no mind if the heart always told the truth. When you think about it now, every relationship is between hello and a goodbye, and usually, the heart doesn’t say no. To the bottom, anyone can love it. Everyone can change as much as they are loved, but everyone is forced to separate as much as they change. That’s why I didn’t give my heart much luck. First of all, I have a mind.

The mind does not tire the body as much as the heart…

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