On Easter, Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated on the 3rd day after his crucifixion. Here are those who are curious about Easter, which is considered sacred by Christians…
Easter, which is the most important day that symbolizes the resurrection of the Christian world, is celebrated today. So what is Easter? When and how is Easter celebrated? The Easter period is approximately from the end of March to the end of April. Easter Day, which does not take place on a fixed date every year and is celebrated on Sunday in most of the world’s churches, is also called Resurrection, Resurrection Sunday, or Resurrection Day. Here are the details about the Easter holiday…


Easter is celebrated by all Christians. Apart from the rituals that are commonly held in churches, there are different traditions depending on the country where it is celebrated. The most common of these is that people give each other Easter bunny and Easter eggs, which are usually made of chocolate.

Easter includes a preparation period of five weeks (Lent) and the last week Holy Week. It ends on Easter Day (Resurrection Day).

Special buns Easter buns are made in homes for Easter Day; boiled eggs are painted over; candles are lit; prayers are recited.

In Catholic Churches, new fire is blessed, an Easter candle is lit in the Easter night ritual; Parts of the Bible are read and baptism ceremonies are held. In the early Christian era, baptism ceremonies were held only once a year, on Easter.

In the Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches, a ritual procession is held outside the church before the night rituals. No light is turned on while the procession leaves the church; On the way back, hundreds of candles are lit to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.

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