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There is a remedy for everything, and every heart tastes love before dying. The point is to match love. At the same time, he will be caught up in you while you are caught in him… Most relationships do not have this, I think most do not, very few have it. They all think they’re in love with each other. They are afraid of losing, and so on… when you lose, nothing happens, for me I know that I am forgotten by dead girls in 2-3 weeks. Even those who have a new boyfriend and those who die for their new lover… I named them without character. Anyway, let’s forget about them, there are many like that… There is such a thing as falling in love at the same time, we don’t know when we will catch that moment. For example, those who have a girlfriend should think, even ask their lover, then fight. Let them be alone too. Let them all say “take care” to each other. The other day I take good care of myself again, I ate 3 apples. I listen to your word.

The emotional man loses often. Likeable guys, too, become only a troublemaker for girls.

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