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He can make long and long sentences, talking after the finished things are as easy as staying silent… There was such a thing as finishing it, it is not that easy but it is not difficult. Maybe an escape from what you’re into… There are times when there is nothing to do. Sometimes it just has to be. Sometimes it ends just because of this. It pulls away just because it should be. Looking back or not, as a matter of fact, it’s not very important here. When he looks behind him, it doesn’t mean he’s gone with love. The important thing is to go and it’s gone, when a letter is changed it’s over. “I want to leave.” Okay. you want to leave Well then… It is discussed whether it should be a goodbye in the short of “Come on, thank you” or a “take care of yourself, goodbye, my dear” sentence from the most false. This is just like some people like without cream, and there are moments such that people do not care, some of them, you need me, nothing more! What if I can fit love into the short line between my date of birth and my date of death… Let everything else be for others.

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