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Four months later… iPod song selection: “Back to Life”

The impact of the concussion I experienced was mild. My mother used to force the tea with sugar, taking it to my lips and forcing me to drink it. I didn’t like sugar tea at all. What would it do if there was no alcohol in it? But I was still drinking, if I didn’t, the tea would spill over me and my chin would burn.

My mom, Emma, ​​Keelin and Susie were against me, they were dialing a number. I’m not kidding, really. But I did not notice this in time. I thought a new sandwich was put in front of the door of my bedroom, but suddenly I was removed from my bed with my duvet, I have pushed down the stairs and inserted into the back seat of my mother’s car.

Yes, here I am. I was back home. I was harassed, defeated and forcibly detained. “Honey, this is for your good,” my mother said firmly. ” You can’t live like this. Keelin and Susie will go crazy worrying about you. Of course, we have … ” “But I was going to work!” I voiced a loud voice. “Yes, but you can’t spend every moment outside of work in your room, by drinking cheap wines under the covers.”

”Okay, so let me get expensive wine. There is nothing else to pay my salary.”

”Izzy time has come. Cried the girls, my mother waving her hand. ”Be strong. I can’t look. ” Emma, ​​Keelin and Susie took big scissors and started to smash my duvet. “No!” I howled my mother, whose back is facing this view, trying to hold me back on the sofa. An hour later, I was exhausted from crying and lay on the couch, twisted in a ball of sorrow. Kelin and Susie, two of the Makasci Brothers, went to their home. My father often came to my room to check me out. I loved my father. He was not as treacherous as the others.

Our dog Doris was watching me. “Did you trim Doris’s hair?” I asked, looking at him. Why was he watching me? Did he also see the clip on Facebook? No, it is not so, ” muttered Emma – my scissor and my brother – guilty. ” I wanted to try this curling iron I just bought. A pinch of the feather was roasted while trying to curl his feathers. I also had to trim the rest.”

I understood the situation. Doris was begging me to take her home. ”Izzy, you can’t go on like this. “ I’m serious for you, ”said Emma sternly. “Now you have to master yourself. You’ve always been an extremely cold sister, but now … ” “What is it now?” My lower lip started shaking. Am I embarrassed for you now? ” “Yes true.” “Emma!” My father shouted. “I’m sorry, Dad. Okay, but…” Emma, ​​“ … but you’re close to being, Iz.”

“Emma!” My father shouted again. Emma’s big blue eyes turned to the eyes of the female deer in the cartoons, just as she moved me. Even when verbally harassing people, he had the ability to be so cute that getting angry at him was officially impossible. Once I had my hair cut short, he looked at me and said, “You looked like a seven-year-old boy,” but he said so with such a cute expression that I apologized to him in the end and promised to grow my hair. “I’m sorry, Emma. I know you’re frustrated but I really tried, okay? I really tried this time.”

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