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Love… You’re really ‘tiring’ indeed… It’s not clear when you start and end; you can experience enthusiasm and sadness in their most intense state; you have never-ending ‘surprises’; you can be as motivational as you are motivating; you can take control of your soul as well as control your body; You wreck the brains as if you beat them with hearts; you make the lovers “passionately” kiss and make you love, but you can show the same “skill” in the separation and turn it into a bomb with high destruction… You are really

‘Love and Ashes’, documenting that Derek Cianfrance’s (similarity to Ryan Gosling is amazing!) 1998’s first movie, ‘Brother Tied’, is not in vain for 12 years, ‘Love and Ashes’ is good and bad. while letting them sit on the same line, they allow the love to dance on the same line. This “pure” love movie, starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams (nominated for an Oscar for his performance here), has risen on the back of these two actors, perfectly reflecting the ‘flutter’, while the director’s Cianfrance’s story fiction has been calculated in-depth and it guarantees its climb.

Our couple in the story, Dean and Cindy, aside from their class and educational differences, are also ‘completely different’ in character traits. Actually, when Cindy is pregnant with a virgin man, Dean wants to share the young woman with her baby, get married, become a “happy” family, and what happens afterward, we do not bring a story in the chronological order. But the director makes this story all of his chances, following the past motivations of the couple who battered each other with harsh drills today, following past motives, making the love of ‘tired’ Dean and Cindy (especially her) look more ‘meaningful’.

The most prominent part of the film among these round trips is the problem of the love ending of love. Dean still embraces his love and tries to hold on, but Cindy’s worn out is irreversible. The increasingly exhausted ‘big love’ carries it to ‘hate’, ultimately; What he once admired to the man he admired is no longer love. He is drowning, obviously, with Dean’s presence, he neither wants to touch nor touch, he contracts, startled, chills even feels disgusted. When we look at the opposite shore, Dean still has a desire to touch Cindy and make love to her, but she also hits the ‘wall’, shatters and shatters. Since they do not think of finishing while they are starting rightly, they do not think of bridging the excitement for a moment, the ‘final’ lime makes them impossible to recover…

We do not know if “Love and Ashes” is among the best love films of all time, but it is a fact that will be remembered as a “special” movie with both its feeling and style. As Derek, it is a fact that minds will remain. Derek Cianfrance narrows the effect to the limits by shrinking the scissors between the round trips between yesterday and today as they get closer to the final, which will reach its goal completely. In the beginning, while the episodes covering yesterday and today occupy a long place within themselves, we see that the duration of these episodes is shortened towards the final. While the scenes telling yesterday end with marriage, today they end up with separation. The fireworks in the final act as both ‘results’ ‘celebrations’.

The movie, which has almost no scene with a sense of emptiness, owes a lot to the performances of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams that smelled ‘devotional’. Both actors are alive, sticking their characters, both the enthusiasm and sadness of Dean and Cindy to their souls. As much as happiness reflects in the scenes we looked at yesterday, unhappiness flows from today’s scenes with tears. They perform as hard as they can get, trying to resist their ‘flammable’ moves. In essence, Dean and Cindy make us feel like there could be no other duo other than Gosling and Williams.

“Love and Ashes” is a bit like a “brutal experiment” in which the audience is used as a subject. This experiment, in which you will not be unresponsive to what you see, you will inevitably go to ‘identification’, where some of your reflexes will be measured but no result can be reached, is in your soul, which will cause great destruction with its utmost reality. however, this will not have a ‘rational’ consequence, you will continue to break and fall again, and your lives will lead in love. Just like the indie Rock band Grizzly Bear, who made the soundtrack for the movie, was told in the final song “Alligator”, “No use, surrender; This is life, this is love! ”


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