Break up

Have you tried breaking up with someone and it didn’t work? Did you even break up face to face, trying to do the right thing, and somehow they find a way back into your life?

Maybe you find yourself giving them another chance, feeling guilty, then taking them back. Have you tried breaking up multiple times and now you’re at the breaking point and you’re afraid of breaking up face to face because it hasn’t worked in the past and you are thinking of blocking them to move on?

Before you block them, let’s discuss why the previous breakups haven’t worked, this way you get insight into your successful action methods. In this video, I’m discussing the eight main reasons why the break up fails and why you ultimately find yourself back in the relationship.

This situation can be very stressful and overwhelming. It can also make you feel powerless. This video is the first of many discussing the ends and outs of breaking up with someone and how not to fall trap into staying when you dot want to stay. Also, these videos will ask the in-depth questions you need to allow to allow you to find the answers you can use to make your best life choices.

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