Marni’s relationship with flowers and especially colors is not quite new. In 2014, he appeared in a flower market in Milan as part of the twentieth anniversary celebrations and exhibited the best design in his archives. Now it has to open its own flower market. At least metaphorically…

Inspired by a garden full of flowers and vibrant colors, his new collection called Blossom Garden Market brings together a limited number of bags, decoration items and furniture. Turning his creative designs into a flower garden that combines equally creative materials, Marni seems to bring back the spirit of spring with a single touch through retro breezes with knitted and straw bags. Extremely innovative decoration pieces include cylindrical flower vases, prismatic baskets, and magazine shelves presented in pentagonal and circular shapes.

Another detail that reveals the uniqueness of the collection is that it is handcrafted by Colombian craftsmen who have collaborated with the brand for many years. As a sign of respect for local traditions, each piece comes alive through a meticulous craft process that requires great attention.

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