Our pets, who are always with us with their unconditional love, are perhaps one of our closest friends, right? We bond with such a tight bond that we want them to always be with us. Valentino Garavani will also realize this desire that we celebrate the existence of each of our pets with a special project called Rockstud Pet and makes it possible for them to be with us. In a tribute to the irreplaceable joy of animals and offering a special personalization service, Rockstud Pet allows customers to decorate a Valentino Garavani Rockstud bag with the image and initial of their preferred pet. Valentino, who came together with the illustrator and artist Riccardo Cusimano for this work, does not neglect to offer a choice of bags in three different styles and five different colors. Leash and leash straps with the same color matching of the bags are also available.

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