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Sometimes we get bored. So we get bored most of the time. Actually, we are usually bored.

Yes we are bored, maybe more than port.

We integrate with life, we cut off from ourselves, we are trapped, we experience false love, we often cannot love, and when we get it, we lose our enthusiasm. Sometimes we are very calm, sometimes we fluctuate, most of our lives the heart is empty and the person we should be is not there. Some girls are so beautiful, sometimes they come into your life, you know they won’t stay long. When your hunch is strong, that relationship actually ends. You don’t want it too much, you are used to comfort, loving is tiring. You cannot find the comfort of loving in anything else, but still loneliness is attractive most of the time. Your eyes are going, you want it; sometimes just kissing their hands, sometimes playing with their hair. Sometimes you feel too much for him. He cannot do it with you either, he cannot accept his indifference… He goes away, look behind him, because it is such a thing to go while loving. You open a movie, you probably remind something, you leave the movie halfway Not every relationship ends somehow. Find someone you want to embrace forever and get your joint song. No more, you loved it now, don’t think for a while and accept it as it is. Either let go or go. Don’t let him go, loving him again is exhausting…

Take care if you have time.

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