And maybe the love of your life drank water at the same time as you today.

If the conditions are not suitable, you cannot write. One needs silence, the simplest… Maybe a very low music will do well. You can also ask for coffee, but no milk, filter coffee, for example, drink two cups in a row. Let the text call you, do not go to the writing, if you go you always disappear, Don’t write if he doesn’t call.

If there is no coffee, you can drink it in tea, but do not base the tea (7-8 cubes of sugar). I think single sugar is ideal. Isolate as much as possible and get away from everything, then think about, for example, do you call the spoon you mix coffee with, tea spoon or coffee spoon?

Yes, we have to be versatile as well, but at the same time, one should stick on us… We mix the coffee with a teaspoon. The word teaspoon stuck on that spoon, nobody says coffee spoon. Life is like that, someone put it on you, be your name, but be a spoon again. Everybody know you as a teaspoon, you mix in your coffee.

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