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How much do you become aware of the little details in your life, around you? How much do you appreciate the beauties you encounter in the hustle and bustle of the daily routine? Here ‘The Walk of Calm’ allows you to get away from everything, rest your mind and absorb the maybe ordinary, maybe miraculous order that is happening around.

According to a September, 2020 study published in Emotion magazine, people who go on a 15-minute quiet walk a week and use this time to focus on details that they do not normally look at or pay attention to feel more peaceful, motivated and stress-free. In other words, you can think of calm walks, also known as ‘Awe-Walks’, as an activity that works not the body but the mind and the soul. This 15-minute period is like meditating while walking. We have put together tips for this routine that you will add to your weekly agenda and devote to focusing on yourself and the outside.

1- Stay away from the phone.

These walks only have you and your environment. That’s why it’s important to stay away from the phone. Do not even take a photo, keep the beautiful moments in your mind. If you want background music for your walk, you can choose pieces that will not distract you, but that will keep you focused and fit.

2- Pay attention to everything.

A new object, sweet coincidences, streets, people, even paving stones… Your focus should be on the rhythm of life in your walks.

3- Discover new places.

Do not choose the path you always use in these walks, go to different districts to the side streets. Break your routine and explore both yourself and places. Be curious and get excited. Imagine that your world will grow one click with every new step you take in these walks.

This ritual consisting of 15 minutes, a pair of walking shoes and you is a new source of motivation for your body that wants to get rid of the walls. Don’t waste time on the very simple, but highly effective ‘Peace Walks’.

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