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Exercise; It facilitates the access of oxygen and nutrients to all tissues by keeping the cardiovascular circulation working well. This situation accelerates your metabolism and helps you to be energetic during the day. When you exercise regularly, the fat burning metabolism also activates in the body. For this reason, on the first day you start a slimming diet, starting a correctly planned exercise allows your body to reach the maximum level of fat burning.

I am on a healthy diet, but I guess you have asked yourself the question that I cannot melt the fat in the abdomen and hips. I must say that the answer to this question depends on both the content of the diet plan you apply and the type of exercise you do. If you take medium to high tempo walks for a long time, your thick legs will turn into thin ones. If you extend the duration of your activity and increase its frequency, you will say goodbye to waist circumference and hip fat. I can say that this is both scientific and a clear knowledge that I have experienced in my weakened patients for 20 years. The important thing is to incorporate a steady and correctly planned walk into your life. I must remind you that a healthy diet plan is also necessary for the walk to melt the fat stores.

Pilates and yoga do not melt regional fat

The speed of pilates and yoga slimming in obese people is not as effective as walking in melting regional fat. I would like to point out that yoga is two different effective exercises that have great benefits in the general system of the body, while pilates has excellent benefits in the skeleton and muscular system. I should underline that people with weight problems can also put pilates or yoga in their lives, provided that walking is basic.

At least 75 minutes 5 times a week

The most ideal walking plan is if you complete 4.5 to 6.5 km in 1 hour, you are on the right track for your health. In this way, while you improve your muscle functions and strength by walking regularly, you will also ensure that the body uses the maximum level of oxygen. However, in order to burn fat, it is necessary to extend the walking to longer periods, such as at least 75 minutes. Thus, the body’s use of oxygen increases too much; Ensures that organs work in coordination by using oxygen well, and by eliminating excessive hunger attacks during the day, compliance with a balanced diet increases and regional fat begins to melt.

Super nutrition information for walking that melts regional fat

  • Consume healthy foods containing jarbonhydrate at least 2-3 hours before walking. Do not go for a walk immediately after eating.
  • Drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes before the walk helps to increase your exercise performance with the effect of caffeine on the body.
  • Do not neglect to drink plenty of water before, during and after the walk. I should mention that natural mineral water is beneficial as well as water.
  • Do not eat foods with high refined carbohydrates and trans fats such as instant fruit juice, chocolate, candies, protein bars and biscuits before and after the hike. These foods make it easier for you to store fat, not burn fat.
  • If the exercise exceeds 1 hour, remember that you can drink sports drinks containing 6-8 percent carbohydrates.
  • Eating super foods such as protein-containing milk, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, cheese and walnuts in small amounts after walking is enough to prevent muscle fatigue.
  • Eating protein-rich meals for execution does not improve muscle growth. Medium daily level of protein is sufficient.

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