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We are faced with a very new agenda; we are afraid and we are very right about that. On the other hand, instead of being a prisoner of fear, we have a responsibility to get back together and stay in balance.

The Agenda is Always Confused, We Are In A Country Where Suffering And Deaths Happen Too Frequent

Just ‘Are we getting used to the pain now?’ Then there was such an event that all our balances were turned upside down … We do not believe who to believe, we have doubts, we have fears. It’s great that we don’t know what will happen next. Most of us don’t experience a coup, but we’ve read so much about it that we’re right to be afraid. Moreover, this time the scenario is much more complicated. Some of us have closed their homes, some of us have completely closed their eyes to the news, some of us are on the screen every second … There are those who try to cope with the work with complete humor, these are those who are preparing to go to another country.

But on the other hand, we have a big responsibility! Whatever we do, will we be good for ourselves, our loved ones and our country? Although the three are different, the message is the same: We will continue to live by staying in our center, focusing on the positive, facilitating unification.

Let’s not focus on what we cannot change.

How do you observe the psychology of society?

Coffee to be made the next morning, the workplace or places to visit, that is, the things that make us who we are, a picture was drawn as if we were taken to the night. Will the sequel come? Where is the country going? Will I be unemployed? What will my future be? Concerns started to arise. As a result, there were those who presented to us with symptoms that could be diagnosed with anxiety disorder or even panic attack. Some preferred to “refuse” or “change direction” rather than assess the situation and began to act as if there was no such problem. The most important point here is actually; Everyone is in serious shock and we know that shock cannot be recovered instantly. When he gradually returns to the old order, the flow of daily life, he enters a healthy and normalized life again. Rapid progress here will be possible when the order in our elle uk is in order at the point where reason and logic are one. One way to escape this shock as quickly as possible is to continue with whatever the current order requires. Thus, as a result of the authoritarian approach, instead of feeling weak and unqualified, returning to the order that allows him to realize, will remind the person to ‘himself’ that he has forgotten in panic and the person will begin to feel powerful again.

The feeling of hate increases in the continuation of such big social events. What is the way to turn the situation into a positive and to ensure that these events did not happen in vain?

Big events cause him to act uncontrollably with the thought “I have nothing to lose anyway”. Very dangerous. The way to prevent this is, first of all, not to ignore the problems people may experience in other areas of their lives with their instant reactions. On the other hand, in a quiet community it is a different thing for someone to go out and fail when they don’t see someone moving with them; It is another thing that people who are angry with each other can move uncontrollably towards a common goal. My most important advice; Based on the fact that the most valuable thing that makes human beings human is intelligence and communication skills that they manage to turn in their favor, it is to act in a controlled and virtuous manner by warning each other. Support each other in this sense.

It seems that people are very scared. For example, the social media sharing that started with the phrase “The situation is very bad…” and spread rapidly became evidence of the fear of “What if something happens to me!” What’s the way to deal with fear?

Fear, just like doubt. Once it enters our center, we become weaker, weaker, and disappear. Fear prevents people from focusing on the most important food sources such as self-confidence, trust and peace. With this obstacle, we always start to focus on the negative and anxiety, ignoring even the positive things. With the events we live in and the uncontrollable end situations, being afraid is of course an extremely normal and healthy reaction. But the way we can turn this in our favor; To think that whether I am afraid or not, I cannot change anything. Therefore, instead of destroying myself with anxiety, worry and fear, I have to solve as much as I can and focus on the other beauties and energizing resources of life.

Whatever we do in our personal lives will we benefit both ourselves, our relatives and the society?

First of all, we should not forget that in our personal life; There are certain roles that we all have in this life. Of course, together with the events and needs, we can all act differently and according to the needs. However, if we concentrate on human behaviors such as “being human”, giving support, reaching out, smiling, and being able to say “well done” by touching your shoulder, without making any distinction between you and me, we will be a great example for society. On the other hand, when we talk about situations that create negative and insecurity in terms of military service or having different opinions, we need to try to shift from another perspective. Yes, there are unreliable people in this life, but there are also reliable ones. Yes, there are people who abuse their responsibility in this life, but there are also those who use it for good and righteousness. The exchange of ideas on the noble, positive and beautiful aspects of military service increases the empathy ability of people. “We are all human beings and we should do whatever we can for each other because we need each other” and we can take initiatives in the name of unity and solidarity to contribute to the spread of the idea.

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