Loving You… i love

I love nothing to do.

Actually, you are not the answer to any of my questions, but I love it.

I can’t say it would be okay if not, I love it.

It’s better to walk with you, I love to walk.

I love your walk.

I love that you are afraid of cars.

I love the way you cross the street, watching me eat something.

I love that you are happy with me.

You don’t try to make me another man.

That’s how you accept it, I love the way you accept it.

You love to read me, you love me.

I love you.

Not like every person, I love you differently.

He’s not like every ordinary man.

I love you, I love you in a different alphabet.

That you couldn’t go when I said go

I love the way you look behind me.

We are enough for us, I love us.

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