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Nickelodeon Cartoons

I do not reproach anyone. I quietly walk into a corner and watch the Nickelodeon cartoon shows with my knees pulled on my stomach. I’m not angry with anyone. I’m not breaking either. I say this is the rule of the universe. I spend my time watching Nickelodeon cartoons 90s. I don’t talk to anyone, I take my time for myself…

I have been enjoying quite a bit lately. The value I found is Nickelodeon cartoons.

I plunged into pieces of ice and waited for dead spirits to come alive. It turns out how eager I was.
Gradually my past was gone, I spent time on Nickelodeon cartoons.
I don’t expect anything from anyone.
I do not wait for those who leave. Even I am leaving myself. Because I don’t believe anyone who goes will come.
Old Nicklodeon Shows!
My muse has lost their inspiration these days.
I broke, fled people…

Nickelodeon Cartoon Shows

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