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Whatever the nature of the angry we create in our environment, it cannot be like the angry it will create in us.

Both angry and calm are for people. There are some of us who look for places to get angry and shout. There are some of us who do not care what pattern, they laugh at everything. Of course, there are reasons why we are so different from each other. There are dozens of reasons that affect us such as financial impossibilities, health, psychology, upbringing, genes passed down through the family. Not every reaction shown is to the event that happened at that moment. The person or event that we get angry with and react to is in a situation we have experienced before and that has worn us emotionally. Sometimes people don’t know what they react to. Of course, there are also the reactions of women and men. While the man reacts violently, the woman reacts more emotionally. Created on a more emotional character as a creation, the expression of a woman is experienced in tears and her introversion is experienced in the dimension of stress and depression. The number of women who hurt themselves or their environment when angry is much lower than men. The reason for this is the physical and emotional equipment in creation.

All learned helplessness appears in various stages of our lives. These desperation affect some of us so much that we think our reactions or approaches are normal. The responses we give consciously at first become our behaviors that we don’t realize after a while. It should not be forgotten that there are no angry women. There is a “woman with limits”. The woman only reacts when the limits set for herself are violated. This is the same for men as for women. We should know the people we are in contact with well and remember that they have their limits and sensitive issues. When there is a border violation, even in relations between countries, the reactions given vary according to the situation. Whether you are a human or an animal, every living creature has its own specific fields and values. Reaction is inevitable when there is an attack on these special fields and values. In the relationship with the woman, who is an emotional being, the boundaries should be determined well and the approach should be displayed accordingly. A woman who limits her self in a very small cycle lives a much more troubled life than a woman with wider lines and borders. If we want to improve our lives and live a better quality life, we have to expand our borders at the same rate. We should not forget that; Every stress, annoyance or sadness we experience harms us the most, no matter how negatively it affects our environment. When we change our perspective on events, the meanings we attribute will also change, so our reactions will change at the same rate. The more we stretch and stretch our own boundaries, the more we must be careful with the boundaries of others. The nervous or stress experienced causes the hormonal balances to change suddenly. The major stress hormone cortisol, which the body produces, will cause both weight gain and aggressive behavior. The cortisol hormone, which brings the happiness hormone level to the bottom, is particularly harmful for women.

Whatever a person does, he does it to himself. Regardless of the extent of the destruction we create in our environment, it cannot be like the damage it will create in us. Anger, and stress only hurt us.

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