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To Live People, To Be The Chosen One, Is That All?

People Leave Love

I say people should forget the lie. Don’t call someone’s absence just for profit. For example, don’t forget the memory of a coffee.

People shouldn’t say such big words to each other. Because talking behind your back and laughing at each other makes me sick to my stomach. When improvement of people? When will people recover?

Is it difficult to live humanely? There is a saying, “Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself.” I wish every discussion was thought through at the moment.

Is it difficult to live humanely? There is a saying, “Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you”. I wish every discussion was happened humanly right now.

I say that even if they are going to go, they should leave a solid heart for the people who come.

But I know, the order can’t be fixed with what I say. A little hope is needed for people to get better. Let’s put it this way: I choose the people who are reading these lines right now. Yes, you are now the chosen people. Write down all the habits you see missing today on a piece of paper. I know, some confessions are difficult, but believe me, it works. Yes, have we written? Fix them one by one. Take empathy, for example. Promise yourself not to lie, even in the slightest. Be choosen human! Human learn not to break. Then pass it on to a friend. This is how this world will be fixed.

Don’t Wait

Without realizing it, we are depleting and consuming whatever is beautiful inside us. People break! For better or worse, we spend the beauty within us. We poured oceans from our eyes to our hearts for those who do not feel sorry for us. As if people they deserve it! We are in the middle of the paths we were afraid to start. We’re halfway through. We’re halfway. We leave the tea in the imaginary glass halfway. Cities and nights witnessing the transparent drops of blood flowing from the eyes of innocent people.

We are full of dead ends. We lost our selves because of the people we fought so that we could win if we tried.
Don’t try, guys. People they call your effort with pride, and your tears with helplessness. Sit down, suffer like pashas, both your pain and your love. But don’t tell anyone. Don’t try to win the person who doesn’t want you. You cannot win, there is no such world. Expecting love from the person who turns your spring into winter is like planting a seed in a stone.

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