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Loving You

One does not get tired of happiness. He is broken, sad, crying, but does not get tired. They just wait to be understood, they are lovers without expectations. He may fall many times, his knees will bleed many times, but when he kisses all his wounds are opened. But one never gets tired of being happy.

Longing can be difficult. Waiting for the hard one. You can’t be jealous, you can’t be angry, you can’t be offended. You can’t even express your love so that you don’t get bored, it’s like a doomsday place for you. You sit and yell at your friends. You talk at length about a small memory, a smile, that little accidental touch. If you can’t come to yourself, you will collect yourself with his dream. He cries with a word, he makes you happy with a word without knowing you it.

When a tireless person loves, he forgets his words, but you can’t forget him.

Maybe it was necessary to love patiently. Maybe you need to continue to love just because he likes it, with prayer, with love.

Maybe a lot is said for him, but the lover does not give up on loving. Tired of all negativity, but never from loving.

Take care of yourself

If I knew you could take care of it, I’d say, “Take care of yourself.” But now you get cold at night. When it rains you are afraid, when you are hungry you are lazy as usual and you are hungry. When you’re scared, you don’t get alarmed and proud just because you left. So don’t go.

Take your head and go if you want to my shoulder, eyes, knees for example. It’s up to you. I invented words full of love for you, don’t go. You rest in my smile whenever you get tired.

I would kiss your palms for pain relief. Life passes, once you put your mind to go, you will pass, just like life. But let your wounds heal first and then you go again. Far away is not good for you, let’s take my happy memories out of your suitcase and hang them again in the sky. I know, if that suitcase is ready, it go. For those who go in the dead of night without noticing the first lights of the morning.

You are allowed in my smile. Sit down, take a breath, let me wipe away all traces with my tears. Promise, you go later. They don’t need you there any more than I do. I don’t want to say goodbye, stay for now, whatever is bad, I like it.

Hugging is good for us now, let’s get rid of the separation and hug later.

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