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We Changed

Our faces are summer, the leaves in us have already fallen. We don’t give a fuck, but our wounds are too sincere. We have learned to laugh alone. No one’s absence makes us cry anymore.

We were already too sad to cry sobbing. Our silence makes it seem like we’re throwing everything inside ourselves.

Attaching big meanings to small people

I am now smiling to explain my enthusiasm that I used to tell for hours. For some reason, I put it in a smile. I pour my sadness into myself and gather the people around me. After all, didn’t we feel sorry for them more than ourselves?

I’ve known people who didn’t mislead my prejudices. I don’t know if it’s this feeling or something else, but now my trust walls are falling. I always handed my heart decorated with flowers to someone who did not want to take it. If the smiles on my face have faded, the flowers in me have already rotted. My soul fell under my dreams by giving great meanings to small people. I’m a little more calm now. I erase the traces of all your negativity. Wherever treason turns, it may be revenge, but you don’t deserve my vengeance spirit.

No more tears will be shed for you. You deserve the unhappiness of the people who hurt you. You are right, being loved too much is not a feeling you know very well.

Half the tomorrows

Some things are left unfinished. Unfinished is better for tomorrow, as it will never end.

We were half shards of the same piece as you. No matter how hard we tried, something was always missing to come together. You are my most beautiful unrecognized remnant. My most beautiful resentment is my cold tea that I forgot in my glass, we were two travelers walking on the same road but going to different places.

Some beauties are left unfinished.
smile on lips,
cup of tea,
read books,
letters written….

Some interruptions are better for tomorrow. Maybe you don’t realize it at that moment, but later on, you have ‘wish’s and ‘good luck’s. But no matter how broken you are, never be a person’s wish. Stay well in mind. When you force memory, your smiling face comes to mind.

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