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I’m in love with you

I’m in love with you is a warm but scary sentence and sometimes it turns the heart around and leaves it in the same place. A person’s heart does not listen to words and loves even if it hurts. Sometimes you want to give up, but you can’t. Once you get used to suffering… Sometimes it gives hope, you know, just one look is all it takes, it’s okay, nothing happens, maybe you just stumbled upon the place you’re looking at.


Your bed stories multiply, you become worthless. One should not belong to too many people; When you belong, there is no end, most of the time you become insatiable, you cannot settle for anyone. The beauty of your face is not enough for anyone. Then no matter what you do! ​You love someone maybe he is the love of your life. You have lost the person you always dreamed of in very old bed stories. You light your dreams instead of orgasm cigarettes.

A person forgets not what he wants to forget, but what his life made him forget.

Hand in hand

Sometimes you have a lover, you hold your hand, I think it’s a big thing… Holding someone’s hand is like mixing with someone. Not everyone’s hand can be held. Sometimes you don’t even hold your lover’s hand, you just want him to take your arm. Although it may seem like a small thing, being hand in hand is a big thing, because the next step is to hug, and every man wants a lifetime of arms around his neck when he hugs. Not every woman can hug like that, but some just hug and just hold her hand. You walk and he walks too, but you don’t walk together, you just hold hands, that’s all.

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