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Jewellery Loook!

Would you wear a shaving brush and a ring made of figs? Even if you don’t wear it, you should know that it is a “work”. Contemporary Jewellery Art Exhibition at Soda presents the most interesting examples of contemporary jewelery art, which is in vogue these days.

Concentrating on contemporary jewellery art, which is a rising trend in the world, worrying about introducing this new trend collection concept, SODA more Summer: Contemporary Jewellery Art Exhibition at Soda can be a cool discovery in the city on these hot days.

The Contemporary Jewellery Art Exhibition, which was held for the first time last year and which Soda aims to make it traditional by organizing every summer, is full of pieces that are a bit far from the concept of jewelry you are accustomed to. You may want to display some of them like a piece of art in the corner of your home. Approximately 70 unique jewelry made of glass, metal, rubber, plexiglass, wood, paper, plastic and ceramic materials take art followers, who see painting, sculpture, installation and photographic works throughout the winter, on a small summer vacation.

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