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Talking To Yooouuuu!

As we all know, communication is the key to getting along with people and resolving issues, right?

We all say, “Why don’t we talk about this?”

“As long as we talk, there is hope,” we think.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about your spouse, boss, client, landlord, colleague, or children. People believe that as long as they wish and explain everything openly and honestly, every issue will be resolved.

Don’t rely on this.

Revealing your true feelings, sincere opinions, and true intentions does not always bring you closer to people. Usually the opposite happens. But by understanding each other better, you can take more positive steps.

What determines whether the conversation will be successful or will backfire?

  • Strategy

Ways to think strategically on your own

To explain briefly; Strategy is the way to help you reach your goal. There are many strategies, effective or ineffective, deceptive or compromising.

You may think that you need a lot of time to create a strategy. Usually, you don’t have the time. You have ten minutes before an important meeting. Or you may need to think strategically on the fly. In real life, you have to find the right move at the moment to get what you want.

Thinking of strategy is very difficult in a tense environment where you are confused. Usually, thoughts come to your mind after you have argued with the other person. When you think about it hours later, “I wish I had said that too! I wish that thought had come to my mind at that moment!”
Few people can manipulate the situation and prevent them from having an argument. This can be considered a talent in itself.
And like any skill, it can be acquired later.

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