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I never look at it from the point of view, whatever happened. The ones I looked at as if it would happen have moved away from me. That’s how life is. strange, full of strange surprises. You do what life says, life makes you do it. It’s not a big deal.

Sometimes you have to give it time. Because people have always missled us. What we call immutable changes one morning. We are happy when we forget the things we say we will not forget and forget happiness.

We get upset, we break, then we change. We don’t do anything we used to enjoy doing, and we find ourselves in the arms of music that we say we don’t listen to.

There is no need to be hopeless. Just as our happiness ends, so does our despair. This may hurt a little, but every good thing hurts a little bit.

Life teaches you to cry first, then not to cry. It shows you what you need to do so that you don’t get upset first. Flowers won’t bloom before the snow melts. Life teaches you happiness while you wait to wait. It will take you to happiness by catching your life.

I Don’t Grow

I’m not a child, I’m just childlike. That’s why this is my pure love. Only the location of my wounds has changed. No more traces on my heart instead of my knees. I listen to my loved ones instead of masla. Even if they end up with an unhappy ending, I can’t give up on opening a new page. These delusions are always from my childhood. Whatever I have, my heart is still dying to share. Maybe I delay my smiles, but I always keep my hope. Even though unhappiness takes over me from time to time, I caress the hair of the child inside me. I am not a child, your dreams are dead. A person without dreams is always unhappy. Although the songs I listened to changed, I did not give up listening to the songs that I discovered myself.

Don’t hesitate either. Let your soul always remain a child, let your smile be filled with peace, for example.

In spite of those who hurt you, shield your happiness. Happiness is the greatest weapon for those who want their unhappiness.

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