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What if the person in front of me also uses my method?

My methods !!!

Then consider yourself lucky. I hope you are lucky enough to have to deal with a person who is thinking of solving their problem with you in a constructive way. People around you often do not think constructively. They are a prisoner of their own emotions and do not usually think of you constructively. They are held captive by their own emotions and make you look small, trying to control your behavior or deceive you.

How can you be successful if the other person also uses the strategic communication method? The answer to this question is this: It will be much easier for you to be successful. You will make faster progress if both of you systematically give your full attention to the issue in order to resolve the issue.

Everything will be much better if the person you meet is willing to compromise and think strategically when this article stubbornly defends his opinion and closes all the doors to you.

Read this article to those around you.

You may ask, “At My Enemies?”

When giving the book, choose especially your enemies. You won’t be the only one trying to solve the issue, everything will be much easier. If you teach the other person the strategic communication method, you will minimize the risk of falling into a vicious circle.

It doesn’t matter whether people are willing to compromise or not. Even if you are on your own, never stop and use the strategic communication method. You can use this method regardless of what they do.

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