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First Moments

Sometimes someone comes suddenly… It doesn’t add meaning to your life, just a little excitement, a momentary passion maybe, but it’s good for your soul. A change begins in your chest, it goes to the left side of your mind. You know, the first moments, the likes, the missed eyes, the themed stances I wonder what to say… All of them pile up at once, you think I’ve fallen in love, maybe you’re in love, we can’t figure it out, time passes, you shut up, it ends..
If you talk, it’s love.

Some first moments are just intersections.

Without Trip

Then you look into the past, it’s been two years. You don’t even trip anymore, you miss the early days of your relationship… A mediocrity, a chocolate frenzy, a shopping mania… They give him more excitement. You say let’s do this today, you get reluctant answers. There is nothing left for him to do, there is nothing he can do. There is a habit, there is no room for someone new, you wake up in the morning and love him again.

Even Trips is missed sometimes

Make me coffee

Sometimes you can’t find the answer to why you love. It’s not a habit, it’s not a pattern if you can’t find a better one, it’s not even if you say you understand very well… It may be that you don’t want to love someone again, loving is a tiring job, a being, a being… So why are people alone? Because we don’t give people enough chances. This is vicious circle. Human discovery is the most beautiful thing, but it is something that requires patience. There is no need to rediscover America, but one must discover, one cannot love without discovering it…

If you have a girlfriend who can make perfect sentences, ehh, if the type is okay, and if she dresses in accordance with your style, asking for much more is nothing but draining the matter. Of these features, we often come across the “well, the type will manage” part. It just isn’t enough. By the way, if there is a girl who is more attractive than a girl who makes me coffee, it is the girl who says “Make me coffee”. Anyway, don’t chill your coffee inside…

Will you still make me coffee?

Again, again and again

Someone enters your life, your favorite color is the same, even your lucky number… You like to do the same things, even your playlists are the same, except for 3-5 songs. After all, a person cannot be a one-to-one soul mate with anyone. You like the same things. You both like to talk, you have different opinions. It seems absurd to him to get wet under the rain, for example, he likes it. You love it, but you know what you’re doing is ridiculous. You go fishing sometimes it’s five in the morning and I’m fishing, mp3 plays our song, you’re in the sweetest place of sleep, I’m still waking up to love you over and over again.

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