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Strategic Communication Method Tested

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The method in this article emerged as a result of my work as a mutual communication consultant to officials in private companies and government agencies, and research I conducted with my students at the University of California, Berkeley. Together, we used the strategic communication method to resolve many personal and professional issues with spouses, bosses, bureaucrats, neighbors, employees, landlords, tenants, customers, drug addicts, ex-scammers.

Over the years, the guidelines you will read have been used by department heads, executives, international relations executives, lawyers, children, federal government officials, politicians, judges, labor delegates, insurance workers, vendors, and small business owners working in industries ranging from financial services to transportation. It has been tested on thousands of people.

A senior executive uses the strategic communication method in a battle to take over a company; a mediator ends a potential strike before it begins; a police officer can prevent a potential argument and a married couple can use it to sweeten an argument about where to go for dinner.
Anyone can use this method.

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