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The Sorrows of Life

Let whatever is left inside of you is finished. Don’t go back to your crusted wounds and stick nails anymore. Let the seasons change. Why do you want to be so cold?

Don’t let another cloud fall from the sky. If the other party doesn’t make any effort and doesn’t care about your efforts, let it go. So don’t try any harder. In the end, you will still be the one to suffer. A person who doesn’t care about what he’s doing won’t worry about your sadness. Throw out everything that has accumulated your inside. For the sake of those who do not understand the inside of the poison. Finish whatever needs to be finished. Extending it would be foolish. Efforts must be made for those who deserve it.

If there is no new path, sit and wait, it is better than taking the wrong path. You gave him your heart that he had broken so many times. Well, what did he say, “Oh, this place is intact.” He gave his heart to his hand.

People who hurt you and deserve to be forgotten. If there is someone who is not afraid to upset you, remove it from your life.

Take a break from the sadness of this life with your smile…

What was it like to be loved?

I was very loved ​once. Whenever I saw him in front of me, I felt all the blood in my body collect on my cheeks.

He would look into my eyes and look from the inside as if he was seeing the reflection of everything beautiful in the world. For example, he loved my fingers and my smile. Rolling days drove him away from me. Yes, this is how my heart met the first pain of life.

I’ve been very busy. I would pray for hours just to get a few seconds into your mind. Isn’t it bad, to be desperate enough to pray to be able to come to the mind of the person who was once in your mind.

If I knew you were going, I would have wrapped up your scent. I used to decorate our dreams with flowers. I wouldn’t have brought even small fights into our short life. I just thought I was loved. I didn’t realize that when you touched my heart, your purpose was to tear it apart.

I’ve only been loved once in this life. I thought I was loved too. There are fingerprints on all my sorrows that seem to go away.

Silence is the best way to tell?

This darkness has nothing to do with your leaving, I turned off the lamps of my heart, You know I always loved black.

I am a young girl, old in pain, and now a broken hearted girl. No laughter sounds genuine to me.

I don’t find people sincere lately. It’s like they’re all trying to feed off of you. After upsetting, I deleted those who said “Come on, smile a little” from my life. Yes, although the days are painful, one morning the sun will rise at my window. My missing words are now piling up. I’m just thirsty. I’m swallowing and thirsty. Even though the feelings of revenge and hatred are slowly building up inside me, I know that I am not one to do them. Although my only consolation is to be a good person, I also know that this is the reason for every sadness that happens to me. Maybe it’s absurd, but I’ve always been envious of people who do everything but seem innocent, who don’t even break their hearts by tearing everyone apart.

I turned off the lights of my eyes.
not people,
A little darkness and a little loneliness will heal me.

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