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When you get used to it

Life is made up of sentences. I love you may be the most classic and the most meaningful sentence, but it is very old. Maybe they got old… It doesn’t give me much excitement. I love original stuff. For example, my darling should say to me, “You are aside from shopping”… He should lengthen sentences. If he can’t find anything to talk about, he should say “Anything else?”… He should say “Next?” It should make you feel like you want to talk to me. Why shouldn’t I call to love him? Every sentence should have a reason. And let the evil eye not touch us, let him love a little imperfectly. Say “I love you“.

I actually love you.

Stay with me

My love is not instant. You know well that I will spread it over time. Don’t look away, I’ll catch you at the slightest glance.
Do not be afraid.
Don’t be afraid to tell you that you love me.
I stay as far away as I can.
Don’t worry, I won’t share it with anyone.
Only you know that you love me
Don’t count me out, I don’t know unless you say so.
No need to look from afar.
You can come next to me
Tell your love if you want, as if you love someone else.
I listen, I don’t get bored.
Don’t look into your eyes, I won’t be offended either.
If it takes longer, I’ll understand what you’re talking about.
It’s like all my moments were wasted.
Words must end.
It doesn’t suit you to show that the hardest part of your journey is.
Say goodbye to the easiest one with a relaxed attitude.
I’m silent at that moment, but please, stay by my side.

Shall we let it go?

The time you spend cursing at others should be spent praying to give thanks to yourself. There are many things about life. Who knows how many people we want badly. Who knows how many people we hate. Events may differ. People may have done us harm. The results are always the same, but we hate someone.
When will we start loving? When will we learn to love? Love!
We feed off evil. We must take pleasure in loving.

We don’t like it. We are wasting our time just for that. Talking about those people we hate, those conversations are a complete waste of time. Do yourself a favor today, Don’t think about those bad people, the stakes you’re hoping for. Let your heart not be polluted as you fall asleep tonight. Sleep without hating anyone. You will open your eyes more easily in the morning. Because you will wake up with a pure heart.

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