Everything as my sleep as my love in the morning

How are you my sleep in the morning?

This morning I woke up exactly 7 minutes before the phone alarm. The happiness of waking up before the alarm is indescribable. I actually didn’t get any sleep, but I was happy.

You need someone you can love as much as your morning sleep.

Like you, like you, a little bit like you…

And most importantly, one day, “How are you, my sleep in the morning?”

And most importantly, one day “How are you, my morning sleep?” He’s smart enough to think, “This guy loves me so much” when I text him.

This life can’t be spent with a person who doesn’t have different points of view.

I just wanted to love

I just wanted a man I could love.
It’s not a man who talks about what she’s been through. I wanted a man with words to say to me, I wanted too much!

I didn’t want him to love me, praise me, glorify me.
I wanted him to understand the value I would give him. I wanted it to be me, not strangers, on your lips.

Sometimes I wanted him to shut up, I just wanted to watch, I didn’t want to listen to his bed stories. I didn’t want to hear what he had to say, I wanted him to shut up.

I wanted life to be better with him. I wanted to love him, I didn’t want to sleep with him. He didn’t understand, I said you wouldn’t understand, he said okay, I wanted him to understand.

The best thing a person can give you is trust.

Everything ends

No, we are no different from ants. We can think a little… There are nights when we don’t sleep without making love. We are influenced by each other. There are things we can’t afford. Some of us are very bad, some of us are angels without wings. We are the people of this world who produce, consume and consume. Don’t look, the sky is a beautiful thing and I love the sea. I don’t hate the cold and I wouldn’t say no to a coffee. I don’t spend time believing in love, but I can give a lot of time to live. Sometimes you can live without believing. You believe after living, what’s wrong with that? Tell me, don’t you get tired of trying to make sense of it? Let’s push this world a little more, let’s do what those before us did. We get married, have children, etc. Then it’s all over….

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